Friday, February 03, 2012

New Battlefield 3 DLC maps to be unveiled next week


With the first Battlefield 3 DLC released back in December developer EA has revealed it is to unveil all new Battlefield 3 DLC content next week

Having confirmed that its leading first-person shooter has already topped the 10 million unit sales milestone, games developer EA has revealed that it will announce a flurry of new Battlefield 3 DLCcontent at a New York based event in the coming days.

Making the announcement during the company's quarterly profits call earlier this week EA's President of Investor Relations, Peter Ausnit, confirmed that a selection of new downloadable content plans for the leading FPS title would be formally showcased in New York City next week.

Battlefield 3 DLC

"We've got plans for all of our major franchises to turn them into more of... games for service that have a constant flow of downloadable content" Ausnit said. "You're going to hear some announcements from us on Battlefield actually as early as next week in an event we've got in New York."

Although no official confirmation has yet been offered recent rumours suggested the next selection of Battlefield 3 downloadable content packs will be an all American affair with new multiplayer maps to be unveiled of New York City, New Jersey, San Francisco and Miami based locations.