Thursday, March 08, 2012

3rd gen Apple TV now supports 1080p video


It was no coincidence that Apple TVs started to disappear from Apple Store shelves recently. Apple pulled back on the curtain on the 3rd generation of Apple TV today (the set-top box, not the rumored full TV set).

The updated Apple TV features a “streamlined new interface,” an upgraded processor, along with low power Bluetooth 4.0. Though the box looks like its 2nd generation predecessor, the biggest difference here is the support of 1080p content.

Eddy Cue highlighted some of the iCloud-related features, including Photostream. The new set-top box also supports iTunes in the Cloud, which now includes Movies in the Cloud. So any movie purchases you make on iTunes will be available for instant download. iTunes Match (music, of course, there is no iTunes Match for video) and AirPlay are naturally supported as well.

The Apple TV will cost $99, will be available next week, and can be pre-ordered starting today.