Thursday, March 08, 2012

Anonymous hacks Panda Security website


For the last two years, the news surrounding LulzSec and Anonymous was pretty one-sided. The two groups seemed untouchable, hacking whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Law enforcement agencies seemed powerless to do anything, at least at first.

As time went on, however, the dominoes began to fall. First, there was the arrest of Topiary, the one-time Anonymous “spokesperson.” Months later, there were additional arrests — mostly of script kiddies who decided to fire up LOIC. Then, just days ago, several high-profile members of the movement fell and news broke that sent shockwaves reverberating across to web. Sabu, aka Hector Monsegur, had turned informant back in June of 2011 and was cooperating with the FBI.

Sabu, as it turned out, wasn’t merely hacking for the lulz, or to further the Operation Anonymous agenda. He was also lining his pockets by stealing credit card numbers and hacking shipping systems. When handed a laundry list of criminal charges and facing the grim reality of being separated from his children for a very, very long time, Sabu turned.

Certain people in the movement suspected as much and had already distanced themselves from the one-time leader. Now, in the wake the recent news of Sabu’s criminal charges and collusion with the FBI, Anonymous has struck back.

Their first target was Panda Security. Panda researcher Luis Corron had blogged about the LulzSec and Anonymous arrests calling them “really good news,” and that didn’t sit well with some of the hacker collective. They defaced Panda’s website, posting an open letter to Sabu.

In addition to saying a quick “Et tu, Brute” to Sabu, the note calls out Panda for “earning money working with law enforcement” and lurking and snitching on Anonymous activities. Which, based on my understanding, is something just about any high-profile security company would do if people like the FBI asked them to. They’re in the game of securing things, not allowing malware and hacking to continue unabated, after all.