Friday, March 09, 2012

Channel 4 announces new channel 4Seven


Channel 4 announced channel 4Seven, a variant of Channel 4 which will incorporate social media recommendations into the channel’s scheduling.

David Abraham delivered a keynote speech earlier today at the FT Digital Media Conference where he described the new channel as a bridge to the “converged future” of TV where it is combined with computer and social networks to bring only the “noisiest bits” to your screens.
Channel 4Seven, which will be launched later this year and CEO David Abrahams has explained it “will schedule content that is creating noise - amongst commentators, bloggers, Twitter , Facebook and of course via contact our viewers are now able to have directly with us”

By incorporating reactions from social media and other sources into the scheduling of the channel, Abraham hopes that 4Seven will deliver viewers more of what they want to watch.