Sunday, March 04, 2012

Dodge teases 2013 Charger NASCAR Sprint Cup car


Dodge has teased its 2013 Charger car for the Sprint Cup series, and perhaps it goes farthest with NASCAR's switch to bodies at its top level that look more like their street counterparts. In the deep red and shadows above you can make out the same greenhouse and character lines from the Charger in the showroom.

It will be revealed in full on March 11, just before the Sprint Cup race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. While we'll know what it will look like then, we probably won't know who'll be driving it in the aftermath of Roger Penske's announcement that he's switching his team to Ford.

The Charger body, however, has already been revealed accidentally. Scale modeler Randy Ayers paid a visit to Roger Penske's shop to get details on liveries for other modelers, and while he was there in the public area, two shop employees wheeled the new body across the floor. If it's any conslation to Dodge, we agree with Sam Hornish: it does look good.