Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Ford reveals production Fiesta ST


This is the production version of the Ford Fiesta ST, and except for the fact that it's missing a couple of doors, it looks just like the Fiesta ST Concept we saw at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year. Of course, the two-door version is cooler, which should be all the clue you need that we won't be getting it in America. Ford is, however, "open to the idea" of bringing it here.

The specs match the concept: 1.6-litre EcoBoost with 177 horsepower and a top speed beyond 125 miles per hour, along with torque vectoring, three ESP stages and Ford' MyKey – all of which should make it a fabulously good time when it goes on sale in Europe in 2013.

A "pre-production" example will get a showing at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow, and we'll have a fuller report on it then, but there's a press release below with more details. Perhaps between the show and 2013, Ford can be convinced to ship it this way when it decides to "say more about our plans for other markets."