Sunday, March 11, 2012

T-Mobile preps Unlimited Any Mobile add-on voice plan


Fresh leaks from T-Mobile have given away plans from the network to give a truly unlimited add-on option. Unlimited Any Mobile as seen by TmoNews would let users call any cellphone user in the US for as much time as they like, regardless of the network. It would cost $10 to add to an existing plan, but it could be added or dropped at any time.

The new plan would take effect April 4.

Sprint already factors this into its existing smartphone-level data plans, but at $80 a month for most users is still more expensive than what T-Mobile will offer for most callers. The step might be an attempt to stem iPhone-related customer losses by giving subscribers an added reason to stay, albeit at a higher price than usual. While T-Mobile gets high-end smartphones, Apple's absence has meant little loyalty for those who can afford to switch.