Thursday, March 08, 2012

Toyota teases 2013 Venza, set for debut in New York


With all the exciting news coming out of Geneva, you'll have to excuse us for snickering just a little bit when we saw this press release. Yes, the Venza is as deserving of a mid-cycle refresh as any other vehicle, though it appears from this teaser that whatever tinkering Toyota has done will prove itself superficial at best.

As is typical these days, this crossover-ized Camry is getting some revised front and rear lighting, and what we would guess will be minor modifications to the front fascia. We can see from the picture that the grille looks to be a bit smaller and those are surely LED's in the new headlights.

New 19-inch wheels and three new colors are probably going to matter less to buyers than the fact that "value has been enhanced" by making more features standard. This might help address our biggest complaint when we test drove the Venza back in 2009 – that's it's just too darn expensive for what you get.