Monday, March 05, 2012

Wall-E recreated as a working robot using Lego Mindstorms


Canadian Lego robotic expert Marc-André Bazergui has created the masterpiece depicted in the video above. He’s taken a Lego Mindstorms kit and managed to recreate Wall-E from the well-received Disney Pixar movie.

If you aren’t familiar with the Lego Mindstorms series line of products, it’s a piece of kit that allows you to create working robots out of the famous building blocks. To get a creation to do different things, like interact with its environment or be able to move around according to the light levels in a room, Lego created the NXT block.

A computerized “brain” of sorts, the NXT has the ability to control three different motors and four different external sensors. That control can be tweaked through a USB connection to a PC where commands can be issued. In the case of the Lego Wall-E, Bazergui made use of three RCX motors connected to his NXT brick that allow his creation to transform.

Just like his movie counterpart, Bazergui’s version of the lovable character can wave, move his eye cylinders, and sense when there is an object or person near him. It’s not a perfect replica, but it’s a herculean effort that we certainly couldn’t recreate. In that regard, it took Bazergui over 250 hours to put this model robot together, with countless more in the small changes he has made over the two-years Wall-E has been in operation and travelling the world to be displayed at different shows.